Sending ringtones to t200
@ThreeX So where did i say 'I SUPPOSE' and i had already done the demo and had read enough to buy it anyway.
I dont claim to be a phone reviewer,i am just letting ppl know my view of the phone,however little time i had with it.

Anyway my mum loves it and that's what matters is'nt it

Thanx for the reply though

BTW.My mum say's nokia's make her
Answer summary:
Another reply for you all:
SonyEricsson does not know what to do with the cheaper phones coz it's preoccupied with the fancy ones.
I've been to but it did not satisfy me. Neither did my distributor whom I emailed and just sent me stupid answers to a third of my questions and another two answers to something I just didn't ask. He wrote me he got the answer and it was .... (who did he get it from anyway?)

Another matter concerning the T200: the melody composer is new: the ericsson r600 has an older wersion. This new version has four different tone lengths (c, c., C, C.) and pauses are also of four different lengths (p, p., P, P.). So when an older (ericsson) melody is played on a T200, it sounds strange coz the old one uses only c and C: in the new version the tones length is 1:4 (old: 1:2) which constitutes a problem. Changing the length works quite good by leaving the big letters the same and changing the small ones to small letter with a point. This is the best I can do.

Another thing: why did sonyericsson come up with this new composer? The old one worked till now and after the T200 most phones got imelodies (or emelodies, i don't know what that is). As I understand imelody controls also the led and vibe. So it's fancier. But I don't think it's polyphonic. And when that comes out, what will happen to imelody? Or the old composer? I think it shows the big guys at SE aren't thinking much!

That's about melodies, here is some more about T200. The keys start squeeking after a while of touching them (I've scored 30000 at Path), the screen is twisted and is strangely colored if you turn it at just the right angle. And speaking of GPRS: one touch internet access doesn't always work - some pages are only displayed if they are accessed from bookmarks - and it won't save any picture bigger than 600 bytes and even melodies the size of 80 bytes won't be saved whole if you try to save them from wap.

boyi: as for your mother: check out my site, its quick, with fast access without too much to dl and it was made for me and a couple of guys that own a T200 (some melodies and backgrounds). As for sending melodies through SMS: all other ones were propably to big to fit into an SMS.

PS: ThreeX: I like your signature 59486542
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