Hello! Do anybody know what is meant by \"push\"-service in the WAP-section? Are there any such services avalible?
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Anyone? It's something to do with GPRS - sites/networks can push information directly to your phone. Don't know of anyone who uses it though but I'm sure there must be plenty of people who do??

Guru4u Forums - Games, Gadgets & Tech.. new members welcome! Push services are email messages or news messages that are transferred directly to your phone, without doing something like \"send&receive\" It only works if you keep your GPRS connction always online.

Here in Holland there is no support for it yet via the GSM (GPRS) network providers, but KPN's I-mode ( a copy from NTT Docomo) that is active here since april with the NEC 211 phone does support push inbox email I believe, but I'm not 100 percent sure about that.

Compare it with exchange mail servers, received email is displayed immediately on your screen.

Thnx guys! It seems nobody use this service, even if it actually seems to be quite usable... Wonder if it ever will be activated?? He Mark,

Ik heb ff een vraagie aan jou.. Ik heb sinds donderdag Dutchtone Extended (Dutchtone GPRS netwerk) en ik wil deze gebruiken om emails te verzenden en te ontvangen vanaf mijn Ericsson T68m(i). Ontvangen gaat prima maar verzenden gaat niet meer.. Het heeft wel gewerkt.. Hoe kan dat?

Heb jij wat nuttige tips voor me?

kun je een email sturen naar

Kei bedankt alvast!

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