p800 release date cpw
i think i'll wait and get it on contract
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Hi there...

So anyone got any updates today? I'm going to call Vodafone about my bill, and do the whole \"I'm really thinking about buying this SPV, unless you can give me an accurate date on the release of the P800\".. and see if they try and stop me... I'm like a 3 year customer, paying a lot for my lifestyle... so hopefully they'll tell me something more than \"oh feburary..\"

-funkyberry- Stock update today... But still Expected Feb 03 is what is being said... Still no confirmed date from SE... This post was posted from a T68i Realese date in Greece: 20 Jan 2003

Thats official from Sony Ericsson Hellas I actually emailed to see if I got a response.

They actually phoned me back and the chap I spoke to said he has been waiting for one since last April and can't wait either. Still expecting them 1st week Feb.

Spoke to who are now telling me March

Based on message earlier I phoned SonyEricsson E-Shop direct who are taking orders at £499.99 SIM free plus £2.95 for next day delivery and expecting last week Jan First week of Feb.

As they are the first people to actually give me a proper UK spec SIM free price I have just ordered it from them.

Told them I will cancel if other places get them first but he assured me they would get them first or at same time as anybody else.
i take that theres no more news then? so gadetboy whats happening will the p800 be on sale on monday or what? (__/)
(> <)This is Bunny.
Copy Bunny into your signature to help him on his way to world domination! No news yet sorry mate looks like another week unless they turn up today i will let you know This message was posted from a T68i i hate waiting(from june last year to now) Quote:
On 2003-01-11 11:13, chanmhg wrote:
i hate waiting(from june last year to now)

The P800 was announced on March 4th 2002, its almost been a year!! the P800 will be out on the vodafone network second week in feb £200-£300 on connection. workin for the worlds largest mobile community you get to know the right people I heard the same thing - about £250 and in Feb on Orange

[ This Message was edited by: Andy. on 2003-01-11 14:52 ] when the p800 comes out there will be better phones and I/we will be back to square one.

If the P800 is'nt released by march, then i'm gonna get a 3650.

i came
i saw(my mum coming up the road)
i cleaned up Now that IS a big useless lump. Sonyericsson rep told me p800 release is end of feb for the uk............ Paul (Darwin) Mihill
Paul (Darwin) Mihill
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