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we seen these before... and what do you mean \"worse phone?\"
you want us to pick out the worst phone from the 3 or what?? ::pink p800::
::purple t630::
::The Brick:: I think she is a intruder. She is a nokia fans coming over to comdemn SE. Read her other post. The sound quality of T300 was really impressive!! - mrNoodles -
T630 I love the T600. The other 2 have no character Eamonn
Ever wanted a free arse analysis?

This post was posted by David Gray's arse... The very top one is ugly!
Deltayoda: I don't agree with you. The phone on the top, the T200 looks quite cool. As always, phones looks ugly on their plastic model-pics, but I've seen some photos of T200 from Communicasia and man, it looks really good! Believe me!

Remember that every thought T68i (with it's blue-ish color and all) was ugly when we saw the pictures, but we all changed our mind after seeing it IRL
Yes, I agree with that Kevin, I know the colors don't look the same, but it's not the colors that bother me, it's the design (Except for the one in the middle)!

They made phones for seven year olds! those phones not really the worse...
try motorola's.....
you will know what are really the worst!!! I HATE EM ALL
I know it's not a very positive thing to say, but that's how I feel about the whole deal. [addsig] Boy, these things sure are butt ugly. And no, not the colours, but the designs. Two of them look like kid's toys and the middle, silver one is just plain gruesome.

Looks like I'll be sticking with my beloved T68mi for some time

[ This Message was edited by: Cardo on 2002-06-23 11:26 ] yeah its ugly!

the design of T68 is still the best. the looks of that phones are just like cheap nokia replacement faces...yuckkk.

maybe the coming trend is for ugly phones!!! see 6610, 7210 and the rest of new sonyericsson. T200 and T300 not that bad but could do better
About the T600 > words cannot express my disgust

All in all t68 is still the best looking phone around
T.M. Hehe.. okay guys. I give up.. I must agree that T68m and T68 are still the best looking phones around!

Anways, is justing smoothing us with these 3 \"so so\" phones while waiting for the big one: P800!!!

[ This Message was edited by: kevin81 on 2002-06-24 09:42 ] P800 looks too big. If they were to release a PDA-phone with the dimensions of a T68, then that may pry my T68 from my well clenched fingers.
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