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When I first saw the T300, I was sure I was going to buy the T68i. I didn't like the desgin at all.

But then I went to the shop and saw the T300 in real life. And I didn't want the T68i anymore The design of the T300 may look a bit odd in the beginning, but once you had it in your hands, you'll think different... And if you compare the price of the T68i and the T300, and then compare the features, I don't understand why you should take the T68i. Because here, in Belgium, there's a price difference of more than 100 ?...

So, I bought the T300, to replace my (stolen) R520, and I'm very satisfied with this phone. Although... sometimes I miss my R520 a bit
Answer summary:
well the t68i has many more \"business\" features, tehrefore it will always be my \"main phone\", but the T300 i bought for fun, (to use with my free texting sim) and thats what i carry around when i go out and about! Owned (order of purchase): Nok 8110, Nok 6150, Nok 8210, Nok 6210, Eric r320s, Eric T68m, SE T300, SE P800, SE T610, SE S700i, Mot V3i, SE K800i
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