Nokia is pushing it!!!!
Yes, you can choose between lots of different Nokia models, and I understand that this is very good for Nokia. But the fact is that it's actually not a choice of phone, it is a choice of how the phone looks. All the phones are almost identical except for looks. So for people who wants something more than just looks, Nokia doesn't give them any choices. None of the phones (except 7650, which I don't count as a \"phone\") have the choice of any advanced features, they are all the same.
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On 2002-12-18 20:28, Raven wrote:
Well..... What are the motorola models you are talking about here?

I'm talking about the Motorola Timeport 260 which had GPRS, even if it was just a stop-gap solution. It was a slightly updated older phone (the P-7389 methinks) and quite honestly horrid...
The other device I'm talking about is the Accompli 008 with GPRS, Java and touch screen (you can still buy it) from the first half of 2001, I quite liked it. At the same time did they develop a color device (clam shell) with a full keyboard, think V100 with better design and color, GPRS etc. This communicator was called Accompli 009 and was later withdrawn (severely underpowered, bad battery time but otherwise not all bad)

In my experience are the (M) devices not half bad from a technical standpoint, but they usually have the user interface from hell (008, 009 were much better in this, they were usable)

All phones can have technical problems, and I'm not going to criticise any brand on this especially as I have broken three (3) T68's in a little over a year... But still if I should buy a new phone it would be a SE T68i, it's still the best device for my demands.


[ This Message was edited by: Oblomov on 2002-12-19 08:27 ] well... when you go to buy whatever, for example.... box of chocolates! you choose, for example Guyllian! Well... you have a lot of boxes to choose from, a lot of different designs.. but INSIDE! it's all the same!

well.. that's the same with Nokia. I don't think it's bad to have different designed phones even if they are all the same inside!!! I think it's good, and I thinks it's a wise strategy!!! If SE would have picked the yours beloved T68i and presented it with 1 or 2 more designs they surely would have sold more! because not everyone likes the same design!

This is how I choose a phone! 1st the looks of it! and them I'll go for the features!!! Of course... if it doens't have the features I want, I won't buy it!! But I'd really like to be able to choose among a few designs from the brand I like best and I trust, in order to get the one I consider to be the \"beautiful one\" and with that features I need!

How can someone say they don't like this scenario??? I honestly don't understand and I think you guys are just bored because can't do more with their so \"advanced\" technology!!!! i love guyllian chocos!! [addsig] @ faca

May I say about your precious Nokia that it has sadly failed to give its consumers new innovation, but has given them 'same old shit, with new covercases' which is in my opinion, the stupidest policy a large profitable company can ever make in its life.

I hereby want to explain to you the meaning of the term 'new product', it is a product which is currently not available unless followed by R&D (Research and Developement) and I think that Nokia only R&D its outer covers NOT the whole product. And this makes the 'same old shit' look better and much more brilliant, unlike the features which remains the same.

I believe that you will be willing to spend your pennies on some TOTALLY NEW PRODUCT not TOTALLY NEW COVERCASE!!. And one more thing, we got used to your disagreeing in everything we post about Nokia, so 'whoever understands my points logically' please reply to this post...

Thanx! If I Woke Up From My Dreams, I'd Rather Be Dead... I agree with you on that devilishcry. Same old shit just new covers which you can later get from mobile phone shop (not by Nokia) and voila they actually interchangeable. 6610 and 6100 (camera handsfree difference). 8210 and 8250, 8310 and 6510 the same goes on and on Nokia`s secret to success is because they know what the majority of phone buyers wan`t, every time a fashion concious young person (school age kids all tend to buy Nokias) go`s into a phone shop there is a new model out AND THEY WANT THE LATEST THING. Also the reason the 5110 became a hit was changeable covers, so the other thing Nokia offer is visual individuallity. look at music,pop chart music has a fast turnaround & makes loads of money & it`s mainly old tunes repackaged..... remind you of a phone maker ???....
I don`t think Nokia & SE are in competition, i think they will continue to serve different groups. @ bodhi2

So what???? What's the matter???
Nokia are free to release whatever. The point is that they offer products (with similar functionality or not) to all market segments. They can afford to do it, and the market is so.
Take Samsung also as an example, and their success story. There's hardly any difference between their phones.
Yet, for Nokia as well as for Samsung, over their wide product range, you find all functionality spread (or not) in all phones.

Take a look at the market share of these two, and how fast Nokia and Samsung are increasing. Eating significant portion of e.g. and Siemens who can't afford doing this, and if they remain like they are now, will not survive long.

You have to understand that people want choice, and availability. People want a supermarket, not a russian shop with long queues to buy just two stuff. They want to be able to buy phones with different designs yet similar functions, and phones that meet their needs. Some are definitely more successful than others to understand their customers.
Mornin, super g! I agree. We, the people in here, do not represent the average buyer. Don't forget that \"joe sixpack\" don't care about all the features we care about. Nokia knows what the public want, and they provide it. Although they should be carefull about rushing out handsets that aren't ready, cause that results in bugs which results in unhappy customers which results in bad reputation which will hurt sales eventually. This post was posted from a Nokia 7650 the big difference is that th 6100 is a flip-phone, and there is a qwerty-keypad on the inside... also, when you open the phone, the screen turns around 90 degrees... That's the 6800, dude. 6100 is totally different Many people think about a phone as something they wear.
Like clothes. It's all about fashion for them. A cool look or a cool color.
Nokia understood that, and took advantage of it.

Well, I'm not saying that I like Nokia, I'm just saying that they are very good at marketing.

And I wish SE could make some more \"similar\" models. I would love a smaller and lighter P800 without the camera, and with a different color (not baby blue). Then I would have bought it


[ This Message was edited by: MainJaX on 2003-01-10 17:50 ] One of the clever things that nokia does is have many different modeils at the same time. So when you are in a phone store, there is one wall full of nokia phones, whilst se has 3 models (t68i, t600 and t300). So nokia seem to be offering the consumer a lot more choice, the consumer says I like the look of this one, and takes it. With se it's take it or leave it, this is our small cheap, colour cheap, or high end colour phone, and that's it.

It's pretty clever really, better for nokia to have lots of models and leave the choice to the consumer, than to decide for them.

andrew People have different opinions, some think nokia are causing there position and others dont, if people want to buy a new version of a phone just for an extra feature then let them, who cares. Personally im the type of person that would buy a new version just for an extra feature, that dont make me stupid! I dont like nokia phones but i dont think there a bad company! This message was posted from a T300 Hey don't forget they also change the keypad layout of phones to make them more confusing and ugly LOL!!!!!1 I HAVE A P800!!!!!!!!!
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