Nokia is pushing it!!!!
I don't want to cause a lot of people to curse and that sort of stuff, but the 6100 is half a cm thinner that means if you put 4 6610 on each other and 5 6100 on each other than the 6100 still would be thinner. And the 6100 is also half a cm smaller. Believe me guys, I already saw the 6100 in real life and I can tell you. The difference is big. just like if you compare the size of a R600 with a T600.
Answer summary:
I've held and used both. It's not half a CM thinner, it's 4mm thinner. (close enough). The reason for this is because there's less distance between the glass cover and the screen as compared to the 6610. Add to this the lack of a radio and that also explains why it's shorter. Why do you all talk about marketing policy.. what do you care whether a company has good market policy or not.. You don't buy a nokia because nokia has a good marketing policy(at least not directly).
I choose my phone for it's functions and a little for looks.
For example.. I won't buy a nokia 6610 because it has a crappy mms client, bad menu structure and the way nokia makes you pay for all your ringtones and games and stuff like that(IMHO).

But one thing I'm surprised you don't care about is the way nokia treats us all like idiots. Just like todays PC manufacturers.. put a 2,5GHz cpu together with a Geforce 2MX and basically trusting that the person who buys it is a complete retard.
95% of the people out there are retards...

That's why nokia is everywhere and you get lots of requests for help from people going \"howcome my games are slow? I have a 2.4 Ghz processor and a 64MB videocard!\" Then you find you the videocard is a 64MB trident P.O.S.!!! from Raven

\"\"Well..... What are the motorola models you are talking about here? I've had a lot of different mobile phones from -95, and i can say that the only one i've ever had any real problems with was a motorola(star tack or something). I've tried some of motorolas newer models as well, and i haven't found anything resembling innovative about them. IMHO motorola is the worst cell phone manufacturer ever!\"\"

Absolutely AGREE
motorola is still the worst, no matter what new phones coming out!!

[ This Message was edited by: jack078 on 2003-01-11 01:24 ] @jack That is why motorola is no longer no. one! With regards to nokia,with all the many \"the same\" models,it is really difficult to choose and spend your hard earnd cash cos ur newly bought nokia is only good for 2 months when a new model comes out!That is why iv chosen SE over nokia.Fast depreciation value and you lose personality because everybody has one.Nokia may be the mass market leader but in my book,SONY ERICSSON is the mercedes benz of the mobile world.I will choose the benz anytime. This message was posted from a T200 In my opinion Motorola phones have THE worst menu system EVER! Hmm,

One thing is the naming nomenclature for Nokia phones is usually pretty consistent. 6100 series will look very similar and function similar. They are usually only differentiated by a small thing like the old ones (with flip cover and w/o). In this case it is the radio.

I agree that presentation is very important in any product. I for one, would not buy the 6610 and buy the 6100 for the looks. Someone out there is probably thinking, i would buy the 6610 and not the 6100. Right now, I own a SE t68i and I love the features AND the looks! I think if SE had at least released exchangable covers they would have made tons of money. People spend on fashion. Just look at the clothes you wear, you're not gonna wear crap cause you want to look good. I had to pay 35 bucks for a mineral grey face (worth every penny) and SE can capitalize on this if they wanted. My money went to some guy in Europe for the case that I bought over the internet.

Dunno if anyone's noticed this too, but Samsung phones have been copying nokia menus the past year or so. I've always found (n) menus to be the most intuitive. this is what happens when nokia has completed the numbers 5110 to 9999.

does anybody know who decides what number goes to what model?? You have to hand it to them, they know good design. that's what happens when you grow big and hire lots of MBAs. But have u noticed?nokia is going back to the lower #s for its upcoming models.from 5210 to 5100,6150 to 6100,2110i to strategy from lots of MBAs hired?at least with most SE the models,the # is increasing.t18 to t300.r310 to r600. This message was posted from a T68i yeah its beginning to be confusing, would you believe a 5210 is more advanced than a 6110?? You know what they say? There's one born every minute! It's just luck I guess that Nokia exploits that fact more than other mobile phone manufacturers. nokia sux
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