Nokia is pushing it!!!!
yeah,ok, Nokia IS a great company, I used to be a nokia fan as well but featurewise nokia phones are left behind-always compared to SE phones This message was posted from a WAP device
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every company should push it... every company should have strategies... do you think SE's strategy of releasing a P800 would bring them the bacon? i don't think so... its not the quality that counts here... this is business... money counts!

if you say that nokia's are low in quality and lacks some features then why are they selling? why are they dominant in most countries? why are they the largest distributor of cellphones? Quote:
On 2003-01-13 03:33, jcpsad wrote:
if you say that nokia's are low in quality and lacks some features then why are they selling? why are they dominant in most countries? why are they the largest distributor of cellphones?

Bacause they flood the market, have good marketing and 95% of people out there don't understand that there's more to a phone than just Snake, texting and making calls. They do make decent mobile phones, even though some of the phones have a high percentage of faults.

I don't get it. You nokia fans always diss se marketing policy. Saying something like nokia has understood that quality is less important than getting the phone released on time and stuff like that. But in saying this you are also admitting that you agree that nokia makes inferior phones. But still you buy them... why? When you go to the shop trying out new mobile phones. And you saw a fine se phone and a not so fine nokia phone. would you choose the nokia because nokia has a better marketing policy? Because they sell more phones?

In fact. this struggle reminds me slightly of windows vs linux struggle
Although in this case \"linux\" doesn't lack userfriendlyness.
All the sheeps go with windows because everyone else does while the smart goes with linux knowing that it won't crash nearly as often... you're wrong about the windows stuff.... people used windows not because of their user friendly interface but for software compatibility... does all software works in linux? i don't think so...

as for the nokia user... i'm an ericsson, nokia user... i go for cellphones for what i think suits my style... problem with some of us here is they embraced their cellphone like they will hold it the rest of their lives...

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[ This Message was edited by: jcpsad on 2003-01-13 06:49 ] Current Nokia phoens serves a section of the market, Current SE phones serve a segment of the market.

Nokia has great marketing muscle, SE in relation is a \"new company\" (yes Ericsson has been around, but they got shelled during the t28 times) At one poitn it was Nokia coming out with desirable phoens, whereas Ericsson where still havign flips, and ariels. No matter which is better, end of the day, the consumer saw what they wanted in Nokia. Peapl say that a nokia is too similar to other models, but thats a \"good thing\" for Mr Joe Public, who doesnt want to spend too long learning something new.

You ask anyone on the street what models of Nokia phone exist, and you will get at least 10 different models. You ask the same about SE, and they will probably either draw a blank stare, or mention the T68 \"camera phone thingie\". If you mention the name ericsson, they will say \"oh but they are so far behind with bricks that need arials\".

Dont get me wrong, I love SE, and i think they create great technologically advanced phones for their era, and in the case of the t68, made it also very stylish and desirable too. After being seduced back into the ericsson feild, i dont think i will be returning to nokia in the near future. But seriously, what have SE followed up their hugely successfull T68 with? The T300, a phone many call a soap bar (again, dont get me wrong, i own both phones, and like them for what they are, rememebr i chose to buy them). I rememebr the days when you go to buy a phone, there would be Nokia (with bricks, aka 2110, 1610) Motorola with hinged, and Non-Hinged bricks (Flip, flare, etc) and ericcson with smaller cuter phones (gh337, gf388 etc). And the first thing i woudl notice is that all phone would take equal amount of space each, and it was like this Motorola: cheap and cheerful, Nokia:functional bricks, Ericsson: small and sexy. Somewhere along the line the Nokia 8110 came out, and that phone became a classic, despite its low battery life, and things started to turn.

Now you go to any shop, most space is taken by nokia phones, and SE is forced to share space with Samsung, Philips, etc. Even Motorola has more variety on the shelves.

Point being, people like us look at features and buy our phoens, but thats not like joe public. Whether SE shoudl copy Nokia, or continue with its own strategy is for SE to decide, and i am sure they are thinking about it. Saying that linux is friendly to the user is w r o n g; or you have never met an average user. An average user finds outlook express confusing.

The big issue is not the software compatability; it is the look&feel. Anyone can use a PC if it has windows - i.e. write up stuff in word, start IE etc. Very few of average users will be able to use linux for (to them) productive work.

The problem is that if you change the look&feel you paralyze the average users. If one day the \"Start\" button is gone they won't be able to start programs. It's basicly the same thing with phones.
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