Any new SE mobile?
hi there guys.....
i just want to ask if are there any ideas about the next SE mobile ????

i have T68i &
bluetooth Handsfree HBH-20
I used many mobile phones....
but my T68i is the best

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Answer summary:
... i am sorry guys about that attractive title......i was joking with ya ...i hope that u didnt get mad of me....sorry again...
If U Dont Know me... U cannt Judge me Since you put a question mark behind it. I wasn't really expecting anything... Well i have th p8 & it`s a winner, i expected a great phone & i got a great phone, SE need to satisfy the people who want a small phone, so a tiny but very sexy phone is needed,similar to p8 but no cam or touch screen but high color & auto adjusting brightness. but voice activated text input is my prediction for th next season (2004).
Big multi medea devices like the p8 are here to stay, & i notice that Microsoft are investing heavily in this area of th market, untill someone invents th roll out screen, phones will be bigger as they suddenly became \"visual\" rather than just audible, i`m sorry to go on about it but with th p8 SE have got it bang on. after all nobody boasts about how small there TV is do they. Quote:
after all nobody boasts about how small there TV is do they.

Nobody is trying to put their TV in their pocket. Use your brain. Hehehe!
Nice one I hereby agree!
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