Dead pixel on P800!!!
It's true, I have a dead pixel on my screen!
Probably can't do nothing about it, huh?
And I have a soft scratch in it, too, and it was already there when I got it...

Does anybody else have such a problem?
Answer summary:
You should get a new one I think! From experience with ipaqs i am aware that these screens can be damaged fairly easily,it wont be long before service centers will be busy replacing screens, & i think it could break SE`s bank account, because some will be on warranty, i would like to know the cost of a screen as mine also has little dots of damage that i can feel when jotting.
The pixel problem is also common on ipaqs, they often arrive like it from new. I haven't got the p800 but it seems to me like a REALLY good idea to keep the buttons on the phone for protection purposes.. I certainly will(I've understood that many takes them off).

Also would it be possible to use screen protecting film on the screen.
I'm thinking it would make jotting and such hard pluss it might make the touch screen thing not work at all...
Don't know about you but I'll do EVERYTHING possible to ensure that my future p800 lasts as long as possible. That screen protector film does work fine & i`m waiting for some, (expansys do it) problem is the p8 is better for some functions with the (horrible) flip off. I have removed my keypad because I think it look much better.I always make sure to put it in my pocket without any coins or keys and put the screen side against my leg.. P900 + P800 + K700i + T68i+ HBH-60 + ms duo128 Same here... no keypad. Currently have regular screen protector...waiting for Brando version which will be out in a week or two. Also hoping for a belt clip holster for P800 similar to the T68 belt holster. For those of you who think the keypad is good protection for the p800 screen - think again...

I had a p800, and had the keypad on it (plan was to remove it as soon as I got some screen protector film and cut it to size). When I happened to put my laptop bag on the phone (I know, sacrilege, but it was an honest mistake), the keypad actually bent in (but didn't break) and broke the screen...

just to make sure you heard : the keypad broke the screen...

If the keypad had been on, the screen would have been recessed from the surround, and the bag being put on it would not have affected the p800 at all.

Moral 1 : the keypad is too flimsy to be considered protection, use it or don't use it based on your usage preference, not it's perceived safety.

Moral 2 : This phone is not like your t68, t39 or whatever. That size of screen, and a touch screen at that, is a lot more fragile : so BE CAREFUL...


* awaiting my p800's return from the repair centre *

I'm thinking the keypad will protect it from scratching..
And it WILL help a little against pressure(if only slightly).

I put my P800 in my back pocket and sat down and the scree cracked as well. I had it for about three hours before it happened. Awaiting the return of my P800 also It`s going to be the phones biggest problem, because when pressure is applied to the keypad the whole weight is put on one of those little pins that touch the screen, no screen could stand that huge force in one spot, it`s like car thieves used dot punch`s to break toughened car windows.
Se must make a flimsy keypad with rubber pins to replace them because a stiffer one would not stop the pins from breaking the screen.
Could anyone being charged for a screen please print a price for replacement for referance. does the P800 come with screen plastic protector? If u mean the film,no it doesnt & i think it should, but best make a template & cut down a kit for Palm or similar. We could modify the keypad...attach some sort of a hard plastic/metal plate wide enough to support itself on the sides of the screen(and we could make it long enough to cover the entire screen area.
Is a replacement keypad gonna be costly? If it's affordable one could make such a modification..
just a thought if it doesn't come with a protector... it is easy to get scratched not to mention that you point it with a pen...
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