Dead pixel on P800!!!
Easy to get scratched? It's easily as hard to scratch this as the old R380. It's a good screen.
Answer summary:
I got my P800 for almost two weeks. I have been using the keypad cover for the first two days. It was nice but with the keypad on, the phone looks clumsy. I didn't know the keypad could damage the screen. Anyways, I took the keypad out and now the phone looks great but only one minor proble. I use that stylus pen alot so if I look very closely to the screen. I see some small scratches. I am not sure if it's the pen or something esle. Does anybody know if I could take the scratches out by using the Displex?(the display polish)

Also, I think is kind of stupid that SE had included a nylon(leather?)bag with the P800 but no leather belt strap on the bag?? So, I am using a Nokia 7650 leatehr bag for now. I hope SE will come out with something better.
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