Questions about sms on p800
1. How many messages can it store?(If it is like I'm hoping and it's using the memory it should be quite a few)

2. Can you make folders to store messages in like on some nokias?(like 6210 , 3510,,,)

3. Can you rename messages too make it easier when you have alot of messages?

4. How are the buttons for smsing?(yes I know there is no t9)
Answer summary:
1) Only limited by the memory available. 2) No. 3) No 4) I find it best to write messages using the stylus. This message was posted from a P800 1) Depends on available memory... so far, I have 90+ in my Inbox and 80+ in my Sent Items. Phone doesn't slow down.

2) No you can't make your own folders for SMS.

3) No you can't rename a message, but the screen is huge enough to show the sender's name and the first line of the message. You can also sort your messages by date or sender.

4) The keypad is ok. Nothing great. To type consecutive letters on the same key (ie: BACK) press the OK key so you don't have to wait for the phone.
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