bad keypad t68i

I have my sony ericsson t68i for about 3 weeks, and the keypad on the phone are getting broken, the paint on the keypad dissapairs, and the backlight shows more and more.

is this something famiar with someone, and is this something i can claim on warrany ?


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Had my t68i since last nov. It goes in my trouser pocket when I go out and I can't say the paint comes off on my phone. My still looks and feels brand new it doesn't come of my phone itself but from my keypad, the numbers on the keypad dissapair slowly that's weird...
have u rubbed it a lot or something?
like putting it in ur pants? it is in my pants normally, but then again, i have the phone for 3 weeks, not a year or 8 months i had mine for about the same thime as u.
u should email SE or goto a service point and ask about it to get it changed.
it shouldnt wear out like that! Perhaps the shop that sold you the phone broke the faceplate on your phone and replaced it with a dummy faceplate.....

I had a T28, now I have the T68i...There is a big difference b/w them. the T28 is far more robust. I can feel bad buttons on the T68i and the material is worst than the T28. It is like made from a bad quality of plastic, it seems like a 2$ walkman made in china. (no offense)
At least no cell have the same features like the T68i.
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