Sending ringtones to t200
Can i send ringtones to a t200 from my t68i?

If not i have Ģ100 to buy a phone for my mum for XMAS,any ideas?

NEEDS: above backlight
3.inbuilt antenna

1.wap or gprs(but i might need these to get the ringtones by putting MY sim card in it if i cant send them)
2.a phone as big as the Ericsson A218e she already owns(i think that's the one)

Hope someone can help
Answer summary:
Come on,help me out here! 'Fernando's New Beginings',Satisfaction Guaranteed!' do ya phone have any option for u when u compose ringingtone?? i mean like those that T68i have to compose thier ringingtone( vibrate, LED light on and off).

if t200 have.... mean u can send ya Imelody from t68i to t200.

if not.... t200 can not read t68i ,melody except some Ericsson melody.
t68, j200, k700i, p900, hbh-30, hbh-660 @boyi, is t200 good? Bluetooth? GPRS? This post was posted from a T68i no Bluetooth, and still running on WAP i think
t68, j200, k700i, p900, hbh-30, hbh-660 ops sorry, no bluetooth and running using GPRS.
t68, j200, k700i, p900, hbh-30, hbh-660 @still here in makati coliseum! Go warriors! This post was posted from a T68i So what phone should i get then,i'm running out of time here. 'Fernando's New Beginings',Satisfaction Guaranteed!' Tell you what.I'll get the t200 then!

Cant go wrong there can i? 'Fernando's New Beginings',Satisfaction Guaranteed!' Go for the T200, it's a nice phone. The alternatives would maybe be a T65 or a T300 (which probably is a bit more expensive). Or maybe a small one like the T600 My T65 plays downloaded or composed ring tones far too quickly, I have read that the t200 is the same. I have tested t200 and i own a t65... They are the same except the design; t200 is easier to hold and has a better sound quality... Go for the t200... This post was posted from a T68i I put a deposit on a t200 today.
Can you believe it,orange online had them as 'coming soon' 2 weeks ago,then last week they had them in stock,now this week they are out of stock.
The mobile shop i had my t68i from got a delivery of t200's today(all 3 of them)Ģ20 more than on orange's site(Ģ109.99)so i had to snap one up else i probably would'nt get one till after xmas.
I asked them to phone me as soon as they got them in,thank f**k for that and thanks for those who chose the t200 for me too,BTW,it aint that much bigger than my t68i.
I think i'd have a t200 if i did'nt have my t68i.
Orange ar'nt doing it in Ebony Black(i think),but still,NICE PHONE! Ok,here's an update;

Had a play with it before wrapping it up,put my sim in it and set the GPRS to on,it kicked straight in and worked(as expected)as good as the GPRS on my t68i.
First place i went was to jaggies site for the tones,NO CHANCE.
Then i came here to Esato and could download tones which overwrite the 8 My melodies which are preset in the phone(btw,presets are all the same tone).
Up till a few weeks ago it worked fine with my mother but then she had freezing probs when sending SMS and phoning for balance.She did not have to take the battery off though cus she just long pressed 'NO' and it turned off,then she just turned it on again as normal,last week Orange sent a sim update,no probs yet,fingers crossed.
Sound quality of ringtones sound as good as t68i and the vibrate dont rattle the buttons like on the t68i.
Nice blue screen,direction button feels a bit stiff but you'd get used to it after a while.
I did try sending a tone from my t68i but that did'nt work,and then tonight i thought i'd give it another go and this is what happened.

When i go to write a SMS,i pressed options>>insert item>>melody and there was 2 ringtones from My sounds there,they are 2 Star Trek communicator tones,so i chose one and the 'note' symbol appeared,so i sent it to my mums phone and she was able to scroll down till a box surrounded the note,press YES then SAVE MELODY.I sent the other one successfully but the vibrate did not work as it did in the t68i.

What i'm thinking now is why were there only 2 tones available in the insert item>>melody option when i have over 100 tones in my t68i ??

Can anyone help me out with some sort of explanation for this please.

PS.Nice phone,if i did not have a t68i,i would have a t200,anyday,and i think it's a tri-band
'Fernando's New Beginings',Satisfaction Guaranteed!' Hmm.. a lot of \"i think\" and \" i suppose\" regarding features of the T200..
Try for full spec and even a virtual demo of it, thatīs what i did before getting it for girlfriend (she was going to get Nokia 3510 first but we agreed that it was too damn ugly
I agree, if i didnīt have my T68i or money to buy something better iīd go for the t200 myself. Good value for money!


Wars donīt determine whoīs right, only whoīs left..

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